Generation 3 Sdn Bhd – Company Profile

Generation 3 SDN BHD

(also known as GEN3) was founded in July 2004. GEN3 is a sales & marketing agency dealing mainly in distribution of products & services of our principals.

Our focus is on ICT related products and services. We have excellent team of sales personnel, customer service & technical support to serve our customers from registrations to obtaining the purchased product & services.


GEN3 will be the leading sales and marketing organization in Malaysia. As the leader, GEN 3 is committed to helping its customers, employees and business partners succeed. GEN3’s leadership position will be based on our service excellent experience, sales expertise, our innovative and proactive approach to customer and business partnerships and their corresponding requirements.


GEN3 is completely committed to the success of both its business partners, employees and sales forces. This commitment, which allows GEN3 to provide business partners with the highest level of professionalism and corporation to create competitive edge. GEN 3 provides a generous benefit packages and attractive incentive schemes to its employees and sales forces to encourage loyalty and long-term commitment. Partnering with our business partner allows us to completely understand their culture, environment, and business direction. GEN3’s solid commitment to business ethics and professionalism separates us from our competition, a difference characterized by honesty, integrity, experience, and responsibility, fostering solid relationships with both business partners and sales forces.

Service Excellent

GEN3 is completely committed towards service excellent. We have a proper policy on customer relationship management. We act responsibly to customer issues, such as customer complaint and customer dissatisfaction. Our team of management will do our very best to solve whatever complaint arisen from our sales related activities, and we will continue to safeguard the goodwill of our principal.